Welcome to
Little Precious Treasures(LPT),
where your children will be receive love and encouragement
to develop into well-rounded children of tomorrow.  LPT will
reach this goal by providing a Christian loving environment.
We incorporate a lot of fun with learning skills to help your
children reach each phase of their growth.
The primary aim of our Child Care Programs is the development
of emerging learning skills and positive attitudes.  

At Little Precious Treasures, we strive to promote the
beginning of social and language development. These goals
are fostered in a prepared environment which channels the
enthusiasm of the child into independence, self-confidence,
coordination, respect for oneself and one's peers, as well as a
sense that learning is truly a joyous experience.
Little Precious Treasures, LLC
I desire to do your will, O my God.
Psalm 40:8
Little Precious Treasures